Google SEOCore

Optimized for all of the Google core components

All our websites utilize Google SEOCore attributes to achieve the highest search rankings

#1. Mobile Friendly website

A Mobile friendly website isn't an option, it is a core attribute for marketing in the Age of Google. Since January of 2014, mobile platforms - cell phones and tablets accounted for over 50% of web use*.

Google algorithms will score you lower and rank you lower - when it detects a non-mobile compliant website.

Successful AV websites are fully responsive, using our ViewSensa technology that automatically adapts to any screen size, so your website's text, images, and page layout adjust automatically and the mobile menu will deploy. The mobile visitor is able to easily navigate all our A/V websites.

#2. HTTPS / Secure website

On June 2018, Google set deadline for HTTPS and warned website owners to upgrade to a HTTPS / Secure to be compliant, or expect to be scored lower and ranked lower.

Google is pushing for the web to be a safe place to explore, visit and shop. To accomplish this, all web browsers: Chrome, FireFox and Explorer will show "Warning - Potential Security Risk Ahead" on a non-secure website.

All our websites are hosted on our fully HTTPS:// Secure server. In fact, we believe this feature is so essential, that we have made the non-secure website unavailable.

#3. Speed / Fast Load Times

Google recognizes that mobile phone performance is essential. Fact - Mobile phones don’t load as fast as a desktop. If a website has slow performance, then visitor will have a poor experience.

Google penalizes websites that load slowly. Slow page loads are caused by a web pages with bloated code, poorly optimized images, or a slow, over burdened server. Result: Google Search Rankings are downgraded

All our websites are on our UltraSpeed Virtual Private Server, to achieve the fastest page load times in the AV Industry.

#4. Google Analytics

Google and Bing use your web pages content to determine where to rank and place your website in relationship to your search terms.

Without the ability to implement Google Tracking coding on all your website pages, you are unable to leverage the power of Google Analytics.

All our websites include Google Analytics tracking behavior and reporting methodology.
Google Analytics provides you the Who, What, Where details of your website:

  • Who came to your website?
  • What search terms got them here?
  • Where in the area did they come from?
  • How long did they stay?
  • What pages did they look at?
  • Summary: A detailed analysis of your visitors and website performance

#5. Google SEOcore

All our websites are engineered from the ground up to be in alignment with Google best core practices.

Ignoring Google best development practices will result in poor search ranking, and no amount of money spent will bring your organic search ranking up to be equal to your competitors.

All of our website architecture: coding, code tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, content, images, authority of content and others, will achieve predictable and successful Google search results.

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