About Us

We deliver high-performing, value-driven websites for the Audio/Video dealer

Your website should accomplish three critical issues:
Communicate PROFESSIONALISM - Establish professional credibility
Google Rankings on Page #1 - Be a leader in your area
Increase SALES - By increasing website traffic

Graham Lowe

Executive Director

Hiker, biker, audio-video lunatic and lover of restoring old cars, bikes and boats.

Graham Lowe

Technical & Creative Director

“We're in this industry - because we love it. Music and movie reproduction challenge us - and in a good way. Let's get busy and get the word out about the quality work we do!”

We Understand Custom A/V

I have a passion and continued involvement within the audio video industry for over 30 years. My background is website development and as marketing manager for one of the best A/V dealers in the country, I have the experience and technical background to contribute to your companies success.

Custom installation is becoming more and more sophisticated and the ways to reach our customers even more difficult. I can help.

I speak custom Audio-Video, HTML and google meta tags.

Our goal is to make your website marketing effective and efficient. We understand Audio and Video Specialty business and will make every effort to help you shine - in your territory with a professional website and dominate the search engine rankings!

I have an extensive experience from consulting with Definitive Audio, REVEL speakers, MARK LEVINSON, and as Marketing Director for Genesis Audio Limited for 18 years.

The marketing world has changed, and like it or not - it's all about having a website that communicates: "who you are, what you do and why you're good!"

We Deliver Results

Google and Bing search results are easily proven. We achieve top ten search results for our clients. This is not a pay per click service. We achieve top rankings in organic or non-paid search results. Organic results are used by Google and Bing users 94% of the time.

One price gets you a modern, responsive website. You can option it to fit your needs and budget: packages to improve your Google and Bing search visibility, Google Analytics to understand your visitors, and maintenance packages to keep your website looking fresh.