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Graham Clive Lowe


Developer, Writer and Problem Solver


Columbus, Ohio


MA. The Ohio State University
BFA. Indiana State University


Digital Marketing via:
Research, Strategy & Implementation


Innovation, Design & Craftsmanship:
Solving for X


My passion is marketing communications, leveraging technology to connect with my target audience.

My experience is distilling technically oriented products and services without diluting their complexity. My value is "making the complex ~ simple" and doing so in a way that is relevant, meaningful and persuasive.

I'm constantly working to expand my capabilities...

Graham Clive Lowe


From inception to implementation, my strength is bringing the scope of skills necessary to take a project from start to finish.

I have a broad skill set, from creative director to technical writing, graphic design or SEO, my goal is always - contribute value to the project and the client.

I am self-directed, highly motivated and make every effort to deliver a well-crafted product.

Creative Director

Digital Marketing

Project Management

Market Strategy

Content Development

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Sales Presentations

Adobe Suite



Master Of The Arts

The Ohio State University

2 Years

Masters Degree in Design, with a focus in concept development and deployment.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Indiana State University

4 Years

Bachelors Degree in Design, with a focus in furniture design and materials.

Career Highlights

Marketing Communications

2010 - to present

• Website, branding and administration for The Partnership for Excellence

• Website, branding and content development for National Electric Coil

• Website, branding and administration for Black Fork Subdistrict

• Website, branding and administration for Florida Smart Homes

• Website, branding and administration for Platinum Media Works

• Website, branding and administration for EZ Systems of Atlanta

• Website, branding and administration for Logical Solutions

• Directed multimedia presentation for IBM's CRM and EAS Divisions

• Copywriting for Revel, the flagship speaker brand of Harman International

• Corporate Presentation for Revel, the flagship speaker brand of Harman Int'l

• Corporate Presentation for Mark Levinson, the flagship electronics of Harman Int'l

• Sales presentation for Definitive Audio, retailer of custom A/V electronics

• Market Research for Owens Corning, Toledo, OH

• Keynote presentation - IBM World Insurance meeting in Rome, Italy

• Keynote presentation - ADA Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ

• Architectural graphics for a 1,100 acre campus map of Husky Energy



I have had the pleasure of working with a core of exceptional clients and been fortunate to contribute to their success.


This portfolio is a small snapshot of my professional career. For more detail and context about my Marketing Communications work - visit my professional portfolio at Graham Clive Lowe / Portfolio.

Website - The Partnership for Excellence

The Partnership for Excellence - dedicated to educating leaders in business, education and health care. Website

Website - National Electric Coil

National Electric Coil - the worlds largest independent high-voltage electrical geneator and engineering firm. Website

Website - Florida Smart Homes

Florida Smart Homes - a nationally recognized luxury audio-video & home automation retailer. Website

Presentation - Mark Levinson brand

Presentation that comnmunicated the essence of luxury brands for sales training.

Illustration - Oil Refinery campus map

Campus map that details buildings and structures of oil refinery.

Poster - Enrollment of volunteers

Tradeshow poster used to attract show guests to participate in non-profit organization.


For more detail about my professional work
visit my professional portfolio Graham Clive Lowe / Portfolio.
For more information about me - visit LinkedIn.
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Graham Clive Lowe
Columbus, OH, U.S.A